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Entrepreneurial throws of despair!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It is generally triggered by an adverse event, situation both internal and external, but can sometimes come from nowhere and as part of emotional syndromes. It also differs from that of any individual who has faced a setback because the depth is greater--the very self seems about to disappear--and because entrepreneurs feel compelled to keep it to themselves like a deep, dark secret. It could be their inborn character traits that make them more vulnerable to strong emotional states.

When it strikes a successful entrepreneur, pushing him to take an extreme step, it is extremely sad and shocking and shakes up the entire entrepreneurial community. It also ignites a discussion about entrepreneurship and mental health.

It would do good if one could speak out about their internal struggles rather than be under the stigma on depression and anxiety that makes it hard for one to seek help.

Building up the emotional resilience through insights of Business Psychology would help build the combat mechanism. Building on the psychological preparedness for crisis management, start focussing on what is under one’s control and then moving to the next step of action plan could be some steps to start along with. Put all the emotional energy into the actions that one can take. It is not easy. But need to do it anyway because it is what will be a saviour.

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